Monday, August 17, 2015

Roadgolf: Brunswick Golf Club, Brunswick, Maine

Maine is the least population-dense state in the whole eastern part of this country. It is a lot of coastline and open space and not a lot of people. Which translates into tons of lobster for everyone, as well as a good pace of play on the golf course. I'm hoping at least.

My second bucket in Maine is even more beat up than the last. Oops, I mean more rustic. More rustic than the last. These look like they have been left outside for many a Maine winter.

Some are even cracked to the core. Again, it's all okay. Not sure if it's my vacation state of mind or just a newfound all-encompassing zen-like acceptance, but I don't care. Just glad to be here, taking in this nice place, in this wonderful state, in this grand country. This magnificent planet, etc.

Brunswick Golf Club sits in the sleepy town of Brunswick, which is probably best known to the outside world as the home of Bowdoin College. If that.

Brunswick is a classic course. I am not kidding around here. Really f'n classic. It opened in 1898. I'm no history expert but I'm pretty sure that was quite early on in the genesis of golf in the Americas.

Anything that lasts over a hundred years has got to be at least pretty good, and this golf course is no exception. Even though it's ancient it doesn't feel it. It has a fresh, engaging layout.

Some serious holes here, like the 189-yard 4th.

Loving the backroads of Maine. Okay, so it's just a cart path. But it's got that rustic feel that I am looking for.

This is how they did long distance rangefinding back in 1898. They climbed on a pedestal and squinted down the fairway.

You know what, it works. From the crow's nest I can see quite clearly, that nobody's in the fairway.

9th green, backed by the clubhouse restaurant. I launched a 9-iron approach to ten feet. No one cared.

Watercooler Man welcomed us to the 12th tee. I drank from his tears and then shoved the cup in his mouth.

Course is empty except for a handful of golfers scattered throughout. Typical day of golf in Maine, I am sure.

Looking down the final fairway, I'm sad to see the round about to end. I finished with a three-putt bogey to shoot an uneventful 85. But it was a lot of fun and actual relaxation. Now, off to find some lobster.


  1. Beautiful layout. Love to play it.

  2. Knew a woman who graduated from Bowdoin. We always tried to irritate her by pronouncing the school's name as "Bow Doin" (like coin).

    For Civil War buffs, medal of honor winner Joshua Chamberlain was President of Bowdoin after his service.

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