Friday, September 27, 2013

UPDATE: Brooklyn Open

A while back I mentioned the first-ever Brooklyn Open golf tournament, to be held on October 21st. Originally it was to be a gross-score competition open only to 10 handicaps and lower.

Now, as Legitimategolfer John Furr has brought to my attention, some notable changes have been made to the tournament.
It's still a professional prize money event, only now it's also a flighted competition, meaning it's open to amateurs of all levels. There'll be four handicap divisions:

Division 1 0.0-8.9
Division 2 9.0-13.9
Division 3 14-18.9
Division 4 19+

Additionally, the entry fee for amateurs has been lowered--it's now $100. (The pro fee is $175.) However lunch is still included!

Obviously this changes the whole tone of the event. Handicaps of 10 or better make up around a quarter of all golfers with handicaps (supposedly), so the event has gone from being fairly exclusive to now being wide open.

For me it is especially opportune. My plan had been to try to lower my handicap a stroke and half or so and play my way into eligibility over the next couple of weeks. It's kind of asking a lot, but that part I felt I could handle--my handicap's bloated right now anyways, so it's not like I was asking myself to play better than I ever have or anything like that.

Frankly what really freaked me out was the thought of becoming eligible, and then having to enter the tournament, with no prior tournament experience, while also being among the worst players in field. I would've gone through with it, but it would've been a really rough intro to tournament golf, I think.

With this new criteria I might actually find myself in the upper part of the amateur field, and that I will admit is rather comforting. Now I can genuinely look forward to this instead of being freaked out. It's giving me something to work towards, which'll be fun I think. I'm still going to practice hard and try to get in some low rounds before the entry deadline. Currently I'm eligible for the 2nd handicap division (9.0-13.9) but if I happen to play really well, I might find myself in the first flight. <gulp>

No sandbagging though--I'll play as well as I possibly can until the entry deadline and gladly accept whatever division I make it into. I'm planning to play this weekend and since I haven't played a "home" round in a while it'll be interesting to see where I'm at. Stay tuned.

Anyone else in the area at all interested in entering? I know the Monday date makes it a little awkward. But for $100 it's a pretty good deal, and who knows, maybe it's a chance to get in on a small bit of history, in case this tournament takes off and eventually becomes something big.


  1. Yeah. That's much better than trying to scurry your way back down to a single digit and sweating out how your game's gonna hold up, specially for your first tourney. It's pretty awesome that you get to be a part of the first ever Brooklyn Open. Hope all goes well for you. I've never played competitive golf but when I do, I'm sure I'll be nervous as all hell the first time.

    also, that's a neat logo they made.

  2. Okay, here is a semi-commitment. If there is a second Brooklyn Open in 2014 and the dates don't conflict with anything real important (shouldn't, but who knows), I will make the trip to NYC. My wife has been bugging me to visit NYC and the old "two birds with one stone" might work. Of course, I will be working to get my handicap index above 9.0 as there is no freakin' way I am going toe to toe with some professional. And Beef , no worries about us staying at your luxury apartment, we will stay at a hotel on Manhatten.

    So let's see if this event has some legs.

  3. Brian, same here for 2014. I tried to get it hooked up for this year, but it is too late in the planning phase. I'd like to visit the city again and also enter the event.

    From what I read the pros and am flights are separate, so you wouldn't be up against pros.

    Good luck Beef.

  4. Dang. You guys are cool, and I am sorry we won't have you in the field. Guess I will just have to go into this all on my own, kind of like Daniel-san in the All Valley Karate Tournament. Pray for me.

  5. I might do it too next year since I can just crash at my parents. However when is the deadline to join for this year?


    1. October 14th, two weeks to decide. Unless the field of 90 fills up before then. I'll keep you updated if I heard anything.

  6. Wow, i'd love to get into this next year. I loved living in Brooklyn, but never got a chance to golf there. This would be a great way to do it, plus any excuse to get to Brooklyn is a good one.

    Good luck in the 2013 though. And I know how you feel with this being your first tourney. i played my first in August (World Am) and first tee jitters were no joke. One thing i noticed was that it's very weird playing with 3 other people all with the same skill level as you. Back home, as a single, that NEVER happens.

    Any way, enjoy the experience. It'll be real fun. And just play your game. Looking forward to the post about it.

  7. That's very cool! Beef, "Be the ball..."! :) You might just make it.

    Either way, you'll get some valuable experience. I know the first time I was in an officially sanctioned tournament by the NCGA (Northern California GA), the first tee jitters got me. It got a bit easier after the first hole, given the experience of monthly tourneys with my (roaming, associate) club.

  8. Beef I think you should have a leg up on other first-time tournament players in that you play legit golf already, and with strangers, so nerves and conditions wouldn't get to you as much. Just golf your ball.

    1. Oh, I see what you did there, JFurr, with your 'leg up' crane kick comeback.... Nice. Let's hope no one sweeps Beef's knee.

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    3. I will be in next year although the thought of competing from 7000 yards gives new meaning to the term 'shock and awe'.

      I may have to work at getting my hdcp up.

    4. The above was from CeeBee

  9. Hey Guys

    Rich McDonough here. I am the Tournament Director for the Brooklyn Open. Thank you all for your support. We hope to have a great tournament and look forward to hosting more in the future. I can tell you there will be a 2014 Brooklyn Open but the date is not set yet. This year we decided to expand the field due to an overwhelming response for players of all skill levels. The stage is set with 112 players will tee it up on Monday October 21st! The course will play 7076 yards from the tips for the Pro and Division 1 players.

    Wish us luck...

    1. Rich, great to hear from you and thanks for all your hard work in putting this on this tournament. I hope it gets bigger and crazier every year.

    2. Rich, this looks like a great event. Several of us will be salivating to get in it next year. Looking forward to see the dates.