Friday, June 21, 2013

A Legitimate Golf Farewell

This week we bid a Legitimate Golf farewell to my good friend and fellow Legitimate Golfer Dr. T.

A native Canuck, the doc had been living in New York City while working as a resident at one of the big hospitals around here. About a month ago though, he accepted a work offer back home in the North. It bums me out to lose a trusty golfing cohort; however I'm genuinely glad for him, because this is a horrible place for golfers and athletically-minded people in general.

Dr. T attempting to negotiate #6 at Bethpage Black. He'd go on to eagle the next hole.
As a young resident he was worked like a slave, afforded just one lousy day off per week. I was always complimented by the fact that he chose to spend a lot of those precious days golfing in the ghetto with yours truly.

We played lots of rounds together over the last year and there were too many close nassau games to count. Dr. T has got a great swing and a natural feel for the game that is enviable (big hitter too, the doc). Somehow though, I was able to make some putts and win a fair share of our bets. I have a feeling though in the end he's probably a few bucks ahead.

Lots of great memories but in particular there was one time we challenged some guys to a best-ball match. Just a random pairing on a weekend in Brooklyn, a couple of youngish dudes with that whiff of junior exec arrogance about them. Not especially good golfers, but we were certain that their egos would forbid them from shrinking from a friendly bet. So we thought it'd be fun to try and rearrange the money distribution in the universe a little bit.

Of course before I could even finish asking, they took our bet. And it was tremendous fun--I pulled out a back nine 37 and we ran away with it. We realized that there's a good amount of free money out there, if you have the nerve to ask for it. I thought we made a solid best ball team, between the doctor's intimidating length and high ball flight and my own annoying way of chipping 'em close and saving pars.

We were looking forward to hustling all across the tri-state metro area but alas--it was not to be. As I told the doc, his sudden departure leaves me kind of devastated. I'll pick up the pieces and find a way to carry on though. Hopefully he'll be spreading the good word of Legitimate Golf up there in Canadia, and hopefully we haven't heard the last of him. Stay cool, hit em straight, Dr. T.


  1. That sucks!! Sorry to hear that.

  2. Nice tribute to Dr. T. I hope you soon find another shark to swim with and keep the hustle going. Some people deserve to be taken!

  3. Hi this is Mathias from Italy, glad to read your blog, good stuff!


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