Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ghettogolf: Clearview Park GC, Queens, NY

Clearview Park is among the very last stops on the Legitimategolf New York City Golf Tour (LGNYCGT).

Inconveniently located at the base of the Throg's Neck Bridge on the Queens side, Clearview has completely failed to attract my attention in the decade I've been playing golf in New York City.

Clearview is a quintessential NYC muni: boring hole designs, wide fairways, shiftless apathetic management and dumb, slow-moving, pitch-n-putt crowds. Predictably I had a lousy time here. In comparison Dyker Beach is a goddamn destination course. I regretted coming. That's all there really is to say about the place. I am truly sorry.

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  1. I am not questioning the evaluation of this course based on nine holes of play. Personally, when I don't play well, my view of a course is typically more negative. Maybe Killington Golf Course (VT) is one of the worst course known to man. I certainly think so. But the fact that I shot some number close to 100 and lost a dozen golf balls may have colored my thinking.

    Some day I hope to return to Vermont and determine whether my opinion has changed.


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