Monday, December 22, 2014

Roadrange: Saddleback Golf Driving Range, Mission Viejo CA

I got pretty ticked off about the driving ranges all being closed on account of some morning rain. I didn't want to leave California without settling that score.

What do you expect, it's a community college.

This range is a few miles from my folks' house, up on a hill overlooking the Interstate 5 freeway. So it's a regular drop-in whenever I'm in the O.C. It's big, usually quiet and there's some sweet short game areas too. All in all a well above average facility.

Tonight, on a mildly cool So-Cal night, there's just one other person in the whole place. Golf must be dying around here too. Kind of a waste of electricity when you think about it. But at least now that I've shown up, the efficiency rate has doubled.

I whacked about three-quarters of the bucket and brought the rest over here to the chip/pitch station, which is beyond deserted. It's like a void practically.

Some assorted dudes showed up to whack buckets. There is some chatter in the air; now the atmosphere feels a little less post-apocalyptic. Not that I minded.

Nobody's practicing their short shots though. So I'm having a fine time, listening to music, completely unhurried, enjoying the peace, not even really consciously practicing anything in particular. Just picking a target and trying to put a ball there. Chipping. Pitching. Chipitching. Pitchipping. Everything in between; those shots, for which there are no names. I hit them all.

It's so nice and quiet. No douchebaggery, no predation, anything annoying like that. I think my rabbit friend here would agree.

To finish off the session, I putted my way all around the huge, well-kept green. There were nine flags, so I made a little par 2 putting course out of them, keeping my score against a par of 18, trying to get around in even, or under. I shot a 19 (+1). Not too bad--there weren't many birdies out there tonight.

While I was here, more dudes and bros showed up. It's almost a sausage party now. People around here do love their golf after all.

Well, that was a fine practice. I feel good about things once again. And now, I've worked up a hunger. Before I get back on that southbound Interstate 5 one last time before leaving California, I'll make one more, crucial stop.


  1. when I have visited my parents house, after a while I gotta get out of there and go out and practice golf too...

  2. Cool beans. Next time you're in town, hit me up for a round.

  3. I left Mom's early and got home for golf on Saturday and Sunday..the average age at Christmas was 70 (apologies to BK).


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