Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Roadgolf: Dunwoodie GC, Yonkers, NY

The weekender strikes again. This time with Ms. Legitimategolf, who hasn't been out in a while, and also has spanking new TM driver and fairway wood--gifts from a recent birthday--that need to be put into play for the first time.

According to the weather reports, it was to be a degree or two warmer up north of the city, so here we are in the stupidly-named suburb of Yonkers. It's a really, really cold one today--a face-freezing 37ยบ with gusty windchill factors up the ass. In fact it's all I could do to snap a few photos here and there. There's a lot I will miss today on account of it being too f'n cold to take a shot of every half-interesting thing. Hence this half-assed clubhouse photo for instance.

My last experience at a hillside track was pretty terrible, but so far I'm liking this one.

Nice views as one would expect from atop a big hill.

5th hole, a coyote came strolling up, looking casual and unhurried. Ms. L was scared but I was pretty moved at the sight. I thought it was beautiful.

Dunwoodie's a nice place, especially for a city G.C. Their carts are smooth and quiet and outfitted with--yay--a GPS unit. It's awesome for yardages and aerial views.

Technology though, it's a double-edged sword. Here the GPS is also used to deliver naggy reminders appropriate to your given location.

Today was cart-path only, and the one time I veered off the path, an alarm went off and central command actually took control of the cart, only allowing it to drive in reverse until we had returned to the cart path. Scary stuff. A totalitarian nightmare if you think about it.

It was way too cold today to even think about food options at the turn, but wow, ordering up burgers and dogs with the aid of GPS and touchscreen technology--what a country.

More interesting fauna--turkeys.

Needless to say it got even colder near sunset. Somehow, we just kept soldiering on. I said that we could pack it in at any point but Ms. L was set on playing all 18. She did some karate kicks to try and keep the blood flowing in between shots. With nobody around to slow us down we just kept pushing onward with relentless speed.

Wherever you go, there you are. We made it to the last tee just in time to be greeted with a surprise sunset view of our home, the skyline of Manhattan. With numb hands I hit a 7-iron to pin high for an nice 'n easy final par.

The round was a blur it was played so fast, but it was a fun outing for all. Ms. L hit some nice tee balls with her new driver technology, and also one great 5-wood off the deck. I actually played sort of steady through all the craziness at the end and broke 90, scraping under it just barely. A fun course, maybe we'll be back to check it out in some more merciful conditions.


  1. Great write up. EXTREME golf at it's frozen finest. Bet the course was all yours.


  2. bkuehn "Watchout for Bears" 1952December 11, 2014 at 12:55 PM

    Props to Ms. L. for hanging in there. I would never consider taking Mrs. K out in that sort of weather, much less suggest 18 holes.

    Turkeys, Coyote, Wolverines!! You guys live life on the edge of civilization!

  3. Looks like a nice place. One could get lost there. Ahhhh... sorry.

    Also, I always loose a stream of expletives when the dumb smart-cart stops me from driving where the hell I please. Hate that.

  4. haha -- the all-knowing in-cart TV screen


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