Monday, November 25, 2013

Dark Thoughts vol. 3: Scenes from a botched weekender

It was seasonably cold over the weekend. The plan was to arrive two and half hours before sunset, and hopefully blast my way through a super-fast, super-twilight 18. On a day like this, who could be teeing off at that time?

I badly miscalculated the situation though and ended up making a mess of the whole mission.

It was brisk, around 40 degrees, and breezy, but turns out that wasn't bad enough to keep away some weekend crowds. It wasn't exactly busy, but there were people on just about every hole.

First hole of the day, #3, I block-pushed the approach well right, off the cart path and into this area. Controlling your ball is more crucial than ever at this juncture, with the leaf situation about the worst it's gonna be all year.

Ball took a cart path ride all the way down here. Surprisingly, an unfamiliar spot--I thought I'd played from everywhere there is to play from on this course.

Greens are still holding up well. But those little whirlybird seeds can make a chore out of putting.

This particular kind of damage is a regular feature here at Dyker. It is the work of raccoons digging for worms.

Dead leaves and the dirty ground. These piles are everywhere waiting to devour golf balls.

When it comes to finding balls in this late autumn junk, it helps to know a course like the back of your hand.

What can you do? It was just one of those days.

The sun's very low at this point. With full traffic on all remaining holes, there's no hope whatsoever of finishing. There is nothing left here to play for. Time to cut bait and go home. From the 13th hole I'll cut over to the front nine, and replay the ninth before I go home, what the hell.

The tee shot was lost in the darkness, so what a nice feeling to find the ball in prime fairway position. Shooting one last par before leaving was a cold, measly consolation for all my trouble. I managed about 12 holes in all. Since the whole objective was to play fast, this turned out to be a abject failure. I headed back toward the subway vowing to never again test a weekend golf crowd in Brooklyn.


  1. That's a bummer you didn't finish. So unsatisfying. At least you didn't lose your balls.

  2. Ah yes. The well thought ,ill advised nightmare that all of us twi-lighters have encountered at the most inopportune times. Trying to bust through a quick round and but nowhere to go...sigh.


  3. Raccoon digging! is that what all that poo is on the course? it was bad at the end of the herds and herds of animals had a get together on the 2nd fairway. Sucks you didn't finish...hate it when that happens.


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