Friday, November 8, 2013

Legitimategolf Diaries: Autumn special

In the last post, I pretty much welcomed in the winter golf season. Early in the week, the temps sunk to around 40 degrees (F) so eagerly I took to Dyker Beach GC hoping to get in a fast one.

To my satisfaction the temperatures kept most people off the course, but when I got there I was surprised to see a still-very lush environment, still in the flush of fall--guess I was a little premature with that last post. So, I thought I'd put up some photos for those who might enjoy a bit of fall foliage.

A group of old Korean dudes on the cutting-edge of golf technology, all zipping along with their remote-control push carts.

Sorry about the thumb, but at least this gives an idea of the turf condition. I was surprised to see this much grass, this late in the season. It's the best I've seen the course look all year actually.

The par 5 6th hole. A fun hole because there's so many possibilities from the tee. The bailout area is quite playable (long as you're not caught behind a tree) which means you really have no choice but to be greedy and try and bite off a very big chunk of the dog-leg.

The best holes at Dyker Beach are the short par 4's, like the 334-yard twelfth. You can hit almost anything off the tee, but there's trouble about 200 yards out to the right so whatever you hit, you have to be decisive about it.

Well, hope you enjoyed it. I did. It was a great afternoon out there. I got to play alone with almost no waiting, which by itself is a major coup. But on top of that, the greens rolled smooth and fast. What more could one ask for, on a New York City golf course. Unfortunately I sort of hacked it around and ended up shooting 84, despite good scoring conditions and some decent tee shooting--sorry about that.


  1. Amazing pics Beef. Almost cant tell you are in the city. I like the look of #6. If you ended up too far right but down there pretty good, can you get there in two ?


    1. Great to see you commenting here CB. That's what's fun about #6, it's a roll of the dice if you flare it out to the right. There is some tree trouble, but usually you wind up with some kind of look at the green. So there's not many reasons to NOT aim over the tallest tree and swing out of your nutsack, try to set up a short-iron approach.

  2. I didn't expect Dyker to look that nice given the way that you've bashed it at times. Seems like taking a break from it has been a good thing. It likely also helped that it was a douche-free day.

  3. I find it interesting how our courses in the north seems to look their best in late Autumn, just when things are shutting down. Beef, I really like the photos. Next time use the timer and take a few of you on the course.

    CeeBee is right, Dyker is like an oasis of green in the middle of the biggest metro area in the USA.

  4. Great photos. The course looks very nice.

  5. Great photos! Fall golf is great. Love the shots with the Verazzano in the background. I've crossed the Narrows a million times and always look towards Ft Hamilton. I'll look towards the golf course on Friday.

    Great website!


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