Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Season End Watch, continued

This was the view outside my window yesterday. I use the big lawn down there to sort of extrapolate the condition of the local golf courses--only once that lawn has cleared can I even think about playing again.

These are the excruciating, uncertain and ultimately soul-gnawing days of our golf lives. Wintry weather has precluded all actual golf activity here for the last week or so. The golf club is getting swung plenty--indoors, at a manic, obsessive-compulsive rate perhaps, but alas the sensation of club-to-ball contact is little more than a memory at this point.

The biggest golf-related story around here this week is that Ringo, the Legitimategolf dog, got a new rubber toy in the shape of a golf ball.

I am pretty sure that everyone's now following this whole Season End Watch jag with great intrigue-- southerners rooting for an extended golf season in the Tri-state, and the other half waiting for us to join them in wind-chapped, housebound misery. And that is the crazy thing about the golf season in this region--it may or may not end. All we can do is wake up everyday, check the forecast and watch & wait, with anticipation half-cocked.

At the moment we are being frustrated with alternating bouts of cold and precipitation. When it's not one it's the other. To wit--we were hit with a few inches of driving snow and bitter cold yesterday, yet today the temps are pretty nice. If not for the snow it'd have been a really nice December golf day. On the positive tip, much of the snow cover has melted down. But then again, by the time this snow will have cleared, we're due to receive some more. So expect a painful, ongoing weather battling saga going forward.

In an earlier post (possibly in a delirium state) I made a rash declaration that my most recent round would in truth not be the last one of 2013. Well now it's looking like if I want to make good on that I will have to expose myself to some real, actual extreme situations. Arctic cold. That got me worried for a little while. But, after a stern late night self-reflection session in the bathroom mirror I'm over it now, fully committed to going through with it. ("what's the worst that could happen?")

So at some point between now and 2014, as long as some local course will allow people out there to play, I will have at least one more round in 2013. That's my Legitimategolf pledge to everyone who reads this blog. No matter how cold it gets. You know what, the colder the better. If you're going to go off the deep end, there's not much point in half-assing it.


  1. Time to break out the orange balls or cross your fingers and hope for a warming trend!

  2. Perhaps add a mitt warmer and some long johns in your letter to Santa? :)

    Love the blog, Mr Legit!

  3. Your determination is admirable. You will somehow pull it off. A warming trend is on the way.



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