Sunday, October 20, 2013

Brooklyn Open: Final Update

Hole locations have been released. None seem out of the ordinary. I'm not going to pay too much attention to the precise spots anyways, since I'll be looking at the middles of greens for the most part. I've been using Marine Park's GPS app the last couple times out, and I'll probably do the same tomorrow, thanks to a local tournament rule that permits the use of phones for rangefinding.

I considered real-time reporting my scores on the internet for anyone interested in following along but a) that would technically violate the "no communication by phone" rule and 2) it's another distraction I could do without. One app open is enough. Besides, in a tournament don't I have to keep everyone else's score too? Like Daniel Larusso, I'm just going to have to learn a bunch of this tournament stuff on the fly.

Golf bag is just about ready to go, as per normal. I'll probably pack a few more Pro-V1s than usual. Also part of my strategy for the day is to pack a lot of food (trail mix, jerkies, pb&j) and always be eating in order to maintain high energy levels. I think I have a fast metabolism, especially when I have to think hard, so I think this is key.

There will be a weird game time decision for me as I've found out that riding carts are included, though walking is still permitted. Most likely, I will walk and carry, as I always do on this course. Also in this circumstance I would expect sharing a cart with a stranger to be a huge distraction. Walking this full course is kind of a toil but I think I'll be fit enough to handle it.

I will probably post later that afternoon with the results and what not. Thanks to everyone for the advice and support and everything. Until then in the words of AC/DC... to those about to tee off, we salute you.


  1. You are now out on the course so I will send some positive mental energy via the jet stream. Hope you find tournament golf interesting and this turns out to be a positive experience.

  2. Ditto. However I am working nights this week. Check on you tomorrow.



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