Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Winter Season Status Report

[photo courtesy of NASA/NOAA]

Some of you have expressed concern for all of us up here in the Northeast in the aftermath of the latest snowstorm. Judging by the satellite photo, the situation looks very bad.

And judging by this sporting fellow I came across out by the East River, you might assume that we've now descended into desperate times. I remain unmoved however. I got a good fill of ghetto golf (and attendant douchebaggery) in the last days of 2013, and that's probably what's been keeping me going. Withdrawal will set in soon of course but no reason to worry just yet--there's a sliver of hope on the horizon.

This storm might've covered a big area, but things aren't as bad as they seem--the mess it left behind wasn't so bad as to squash all hope of playing golf in the near future. Temperatures, which had dive-bombed into the negative digits a few days ago, are about to swing wildly into the upper 40s. As I write this, I can look out the window and laugh cruelly as the drizzling rain eats away at the snow cover. Rain--our unlikely ally in these frozen, perilous times.

Hopefully the rain will macht schnell and clean this place up. Time is of the essence since on Tuesday we'll be hit with some more, potentially problematic arctic cold. But looking over the extendo forecast, there might appear a window of opportunity sometime around next weekend. Stay tuned!


  1. Our situation below you in Md. also has a glimmer of hope for next weekend. Been raining all day as temps rise into the 40's. Not too often a golfer wants to see foul weather but this is right on time. Tomorrow 45 but Teusday high of 15. Could be around 50 by weekend. Mud golf better than no golf I say.

    Looks like the upper mid west is the epicenter of pure glacial conditions. Picture Brian looking out at wind driven tundra that used to be his front yard.


  2. I am so stiff from shoveling that even if the snow were to disappear tomorrow and the temperatures rose to 60 degrees, I would have to consider ... playing only 18 and use a roller cart - ha ha ha! Of course, none of this is going to happen so I plan to lay on the heating pad a bit tonight.

    Clever weather map insertion.

  3. Tomorrow looks dry. Get out there, layer-master.

  4. Is anything gonna be open this weekend?



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