Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stuck in the mud

The happy roadtrip times are over. I am back in the city to ride out the dog days of summer. The weather has been unsettlingly cool this year, yet the deep summer blahs are still in full effect. At this point I feel like I'm only playing to fill a need, to avoid the withdrawals. To get back to zero.

I joined two other dullards to make up a thoroughly uninspired threesome. When the oldest guy introduced himself and explained how he had come to be a Staten Island resident starting off with "Well, I fell in love with a woman..." yikes, I sensed it was going be an arduous journey to get to 18th green. On top of that we were stuck behind some local shlub league.

Conditions turned out to be difficult. Pins were tucked for whatever reason. The wind swirled in both directions all day. Even well-struck approaches came up a club short. Because of the rain shots got no roll. (Great time to struggle with pop-ups off the tee.) Except for chips and long putts which somehow rolled way too much on fast greens.

I played like crap under a gloomy sky and had a pretty dull time in the process. (Today I ended a streak of not shooting the wrong side of 90--for nine rounds.) The pace of play was like syrup. Ach, what do you expect--it's summer. At this point I am not much looking forward to the next time I have to play in the city. Oh well. Just have to ride this bitch out until the weather's cool again; things will be back to normal soon right?

Course dog Skye unwinding with some fetch on the first tee. At least someone is having fun here.


  1. bkuehn "consider this an electronic slap in the face" 1952August 29, 2014 at 6:17 PM

    Just reading this makes me want to go out and suck on my car's tail pipe. SNAP OUT OF IT!

    1. Valued reader: We are working to isolate the cause of the issue that is affecting our content. Your patience is appreciated during this time.

  2. Hang in there boys. Stay focused. CeeBee


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